EPAM's Testimonial on participation in IT Ukraine

Yurii Antoniuk

Yurii Antoniuk

Head of EPAM Ukraine

EPAM Ukraine is a member of the IT Ukraine Association since 2007. With the efforts of one company you can't change the market's conditions, that's why we decided to join the organization. Since then, the Association has shown itself as an independent platform that provides an effective dialogue within the IT-community, with the government and society.

The key value of the Association, in my opinion, is to build and maintain effective government relations for the entire industry. For EPAM Ukraine, as a public and transparent business, this is especially important. Also, I would mark the educational activity that the Association implements. We use all the services of the organization, apart from participation in projects-acquaintances with potential customers, as our business is well-established and does not need an additional sales channel.

We can note significant changes in the work of the Association that took place in the last year. I want to highlight the development of the strategy, the more active positioning of the association in the business environment, the participation of Ukrainian IT-specialists in the Davos Forum.

The next 3-5 years will be key-important to the IT-industry: it will either continue to develop at the same pace as now or there will be a significant slowdown. Slowing down is possible for several reasons. First, the uncertainty in doing business is due to the perception of Ukraine as a country with a high risk of doing business. Secondly, the hi-tech industry, by its very nature, is an industry of human and intellectual capital. Without the potential of young talents, further development in the future of 3-5 years is impossible, but today the educational system of our country is in deep decline.

I believe that it is the unification of the efforts of players in the IT-market within the industry communities to be the driving force behind the domestic IT-industry to get out of stagnation and to improve its results in the long run.