IT industry operation under Russia-Ukraine relations aggravation

IT industry operation under Russia-Ukraine relations aggravation

IT Ukraine Association is closely monitoring the increased buildup of Russian forces near the Ukrainian border.

The hybrid aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine has been continued for the last eight years. However, the Ukrainian IT industry has been steadily progressing. According to the Ukraine IT Report 2021 National Study presented recently, the IT industry has gone up by 36% from USD 5 billion to USD 6.8 billion export sales, and the number of specialists increased from 244 thousand to 285 thousand. Thereby, the industry has more than doubled in export and has grown by more than 50% in the number of specialists during the last three years.

Over the last few years, the Armed Forces of Ukraine have accumulated strength, gained combat experience and is ready to defend the country and its population. In turn, IT companies have their response plans as an integral part of their business crisis management in case of emergencies. They are aimed at protecting talents and their business processes continuity. These plans are continuously updated and tested.

The Ukrainian IT industry always promptly responds to politically and socially significant events. The IT business is socially responsible and focuses on people, its customers’ and partners’ interests and aligned with the development of our country. We are aware of all possible risks, clearly see them and have operational plans to respond to emergencies. At the same time, we continue to operate in a standard mode and monitor the course of events carefully.

declares, Vitaly Sedler, the President of IT Ukraine Association, CEO of Intellias

According to the results of an express survey of IT Ukraine Association members, 92% of companies assess the possible escalation of the armed conflict risks in the foreseeable future as low to medium. At the same time, the volume of orders of existing customers remains unchanged for 56% of businesses, 13% of customers review the volume of orders, and 31% of potential customers choose companies with the development centers in other countries. None of the companies are preparing for a full relocation, 13% of IT businesses plan it for their key professionals, including at the customers’ request.

57% of the surveyed senior executives are ready to consider relocation at the initiative of the specialists themselves. Relocation is primarily considered to the western regions of Ukraine, as well as to the neighboring European countries. 92% of IT companies have or are finalizing their emergency response plans.

Currently, the Ukrainian IT industry and technology companies with development offices in Ukraine continue to operate in a normal mode.

IT Ukraine Association is the largest national association of IT companies, which represents the interests of more than 75 thousand IT professionals. Association unites the interests of business, the state and international partners for the development of the IT industry in Ukraine. Together with members, IT clusters and partners, the Association protects the interests of business and promotes the brand of Ukraine as a leading technological nation.