Wirex joins IT Ukraine Association as a member company

Wirex joins IT Ukraine Association as a member company

In April, the British fintech company Wirex has joined the IT Ukraine Association. Wirex is a leader in the hybrid finance field and is licensed by the British financial regulator FCA.

Wirex is the first payment platform that provides the effortless integration of digital and traditional currencies, as well as interaction with multi-currency accounts, currency transfers, and currency exchange services. The company's principal mission is to give users access to a single global platform, both for traditional and digital assets anywhere, anytime.

Wirex has over 3 million users in more than 130 countries and also has offices in different countries: London (UK), Atlanta (USA), Toronto (Canada), Singapore, and Tokyo (Japan). The company's R&D center is located in Kyiv.

Wirex R&D is pleased to join the IT Ukraine Association. We strongly believe in breakthrough innovative technologies and talents, and its key role in the international development of the Ukrainian IT sector. As for Wirex, we are willing to share our distinctive experience in creating fintech solutions and products. We encourage communications and ready to forge new partnerships together, contributing to the development of the IT community. - Ruslan Kolodiazhnyi, STO, Wirex.

Let us point out, that Wirex provides services for individuals (B2C) as well as for businesses (B2B). For B2C clients, the Wirex Visa card allows using money on a single unlimited payment platform, automatically converting 12 digital and traditional currencies and 26 stablecoins backed by fiat currencies. At the same time, Wirex B2B is the world's first unprecedented service for companies working with digital assets. It provides secure cryptocurrency wallets, corporate bank accounts, and instant OTC / interbank exchange on a single global platform.