When will quotas for foreign ІТ specialists work?

When will quotas for foreign ІТ specialists work?

Back in the spring of 2020, the Ministry of Digital Transformation announced the introduction of 5,000 quotas for foreign ІТ specialists. It would seem that there are only advantages: foreign quotas will help attract foreign specialists who will draw up documents in Ukraine under a simplified procedure. However, time is running out, and there are no announced results - instead there are a number of difficulties.

We decided to learn how the quota mechanism works in practice. We prepared a request, a package of documents and additionally decided to consult at the place of receipt of the application for a permit. The results are as follows: 

  • during quarantine the reception of visitors is limited. You will have to wait in line on the street, which is not very nice, let’s agree. Unpleasant, but we waited;
  • as a result, you get to the room for a consultation. The consultation will provide information that the quota mechanism is not working;
  • you can go the other way - for example, seek advice by phone. It will also not be easy - because to help you, specialists will have to see your documents.

A vicious circle, right? To date, the quota mechanism does not work. And local workers do not understand the essence of innovation and do not have the opportunity to help foreigners. That is why we have prepared official appeals to the State Migration Service and the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine. The letters asked to explain the reasons for the described state of affairs and to guide us on the dates of adjustment of work of procedures.

We hope to get a clear answer with an explanation of the situation. We will keep you informed!