What IT Business Should Expect in 2022

What IT Business Should Expect in 2022


2020-2021 isn’t just about the pandemic and lockdowns, it’s also a time of huge developments for IT in Ukraine: a plan to prevent BEPS was adopted, Diia City emerged during this time of change in labor laws and the new efforts to convert sole proprietorships into proper employees, not to mention the Google Tax Act.

According to official statistics, the IT industry makes up the third largest share of Ukraine's GDP. This tells regulators that IT companies have money and can pay more to the budget. That is why changes in legislation are a serious challenge for IT and, unfortunately, an opportunity for regulators to put pressure on business.

A1 Consulting team together with Maksym Nosarev and Tretten Lawyers are holding a webinar "What IT Business Should Expect in 2022", during which we will review all the latest and most significant IT-related changes in legislation and share our experience on how to avoid inspections, fines and extra taxes, both in Ukraine and abroad.

Register at the link for the free webinar "What IT Business Should Expect in 2022" and find out:

  • Which work format is best for different IT companies
  • How Diia City will affect business structure and work format
  • Anti-BEPS rules: CFC, permanent establishments, transfer pricing, and other tax changes
  • What is the best way to structure your IT business abroad

The webinar starts on November 11 at 11:00 am. It will be held online and will last for 1.5 hours.

The webinar will be held online, in Ukrainian and Russian. After registration, you will receive an email with a link to the broadcast.

The format of the event does not involve the participation of representatives of consulting, legal and audit companies. The organizers reserve the right to refuse registration if it is not done from a corporate email.

If you have any questions about the registration, please contact Mariya Koshutska via e-mail mkoshutska@a1.consulting or phone +38 (044) 300 2560.

About the Speakers

Volodymyr Chyzhykov, Managing Partner and head of tax consulting at A1 Consulting. Before A1 Consulting, Volodymyr was in charge of the Tax and Legal Department at KPMG Ukraine. Over the years of working in consulting, Volodymyr has completed over 1,000 projects on taxes and corporate finance for most of the Forbes TOP 100 companies.

Maksym Nosarev, Founder & CEO at Tretten Lawyers, IT Lawyer. Maksym specializes in structuring IT business in Ukraine, investment projects (M&A, real estate) and legal defense in emergencies. He has 18 years of legal practice under his belt, 7 of which have been given to providing counsel to the IT industry. Maksym is a coach at IT Dnipro BizSchool. He also has 5 years of experience managing people and communications during peacekeeping missions in Kosovo and Liberia.

All participants who fill out the questionnaire will receive

  • Checklist to determine the risk of having a foreign company’s office in Ukraine recognized as a permanent establishment
  • free 30-minute online meeting with Volodymyr Chyzhykov, who will perform an express analysis of your business structure and give tips on how to improve it
  • free consultation with Maksym Nosarev on adapting your business to Diia City