Western Ukrainian Representative Office

The representative office operates in five western regions of Ukraine: Ivano-Frankivsk, Lviv, Chernivtsi, Zakarpattia and Ternopil.

About Office

On June 21, 2022, the IT Ukraine Association officially started operating the Western Ukrainian representative office in Ivano-Frankivsk on the basis of Promprylad.Renovation, with which a Memorandum for Strategic Partnership had been signed the day before. Through joint efforts, the partners agreed to develop the regional IT potential and the technological ecosystem of the Ivano-Frankivsk region, which would become a powerful hub for the new economy of Ukraine formation. The representative office works in five western regions of Ukraine: Ivano-Frankivsk, Lviv, Chernivtsi, Zakarpattia and Ternopil.

Main operational areas:

  • GR;
  • international cooperation;
  • education;
  • PR and communications.

Find the details about the Association's activities in the presentation.

Victoria Fedorenko

Head of the Western Ukrainian representative office

Victoria Fedorenko

Deputy Executive Director of the Association


ITU Public Talks #Frankivsk

Partners about us:

Yuriy Fylyuk, CEO Promprylad.Renovation

"IT Ukraine Association is the largest unifying association of IT companies in Ukraine. During the War, the economic front is one of the most important, and the IT industry is actually an export-oriented industry that continues to work, pay taxes and attract investments to the country . That is why we gladly responded to the idea of opening a western Ukrainian office of the Association at Promprylad. We are convinced that this partnership will have a great synergistic effect for all participants." 

Alina Tokmylenko, Managing director, Save Business Now

"The presence of cluster associations in the city is an important step in the development of a professional business environment. At a time when companies are diversifying risks by opening offices in the west of Ukraine, and surveys show that about half of citizens are thinking about moving to other countries, the job availability and quality associations are critically important for preserving the intellectual potential of our country. The Save Business Now business support center and the IT Ukraine Association in partnership are working out a series of events and meetings that will promote the professional growth of specialists from various business fields."

Ruslana Tovtin, Head of the Western Department of UKRSIBBANK

"Strategic partnership with the IT sector is extremely important for us, because this sphere has the ability to remain productive even in times of crisis for the entire economy. We are sure that in the near future the growth and progress of the Ukrainian economy will begin with such companies precisely, because they are young, innovative and strive to grow together with the country. The joining of Ukrsibbank to the Western Ukrainian division of the IT Association of Ukraine gives us the opportunity to understand our customers in the field of innovative technologies better, and therefore to create the most convenient and acceptable products and services for them. And the bank's global understanding of all the distinguishing features and nuances of this business will make the business itself more successful and contribute to the development of the industry."

Dmytro Shkilnyuk, Head of the Chernivtsi IT cluster

"The Chernivtsi cluster could not stay away from the opening of the Western Ukrainian office of the Association, because we have been cooperating within the framework of our strategic partnership for a long time. In the future, we will actively participate in new initiatives, maintaining our key direction - the development of IT education. Together with the IT Ukraine team, we are currently forming specific projects and joint regional initiatives."

Natalia Anokhina, HebronSoft Business Development Director, ITU Public Talks #Frankivsk moderator

"The main purpose of the meeting was to hold a transparent and frank dialogue about what motivates companies to join the new Diia.City regime and, on the contrary, what holds back, to bring the IT community's reservations to the attention of the Ministry. as well as expectations from the government in the direction of business support under martial law. According to the results of the meeting, the participants were able to discuss the problematic points that have already appeared since the start of the Diia.City launch in the period from February 8, 2022, and the methods of leveling them. We express our gratitude to the participants for the active discussion and hope for new events in this format."

Vitaly Bulda, Bosch Group in Ukraine Representative, General Director, Robert Bosch Ltd.

"The issue of team brand development has become even more important in times of the pandemic and the War. Teambuildings that are familiar to everyone are no longer effective, new realities require unconventional solutions and actions from management. We had a great opportunity to talk about this with representatives of various businesses at ITU Public Talks #Frankivsk. We express our gratitude to the organizers.”

Anton Cherny, CEO GoIT, moderator of ITU Public Talks #Frankivsk

"Educational initiatives in the western regions are now of primary importance for the Ukrainian IT sphere. The panel discussion at ITU Public Talks showed the human resources available here and outlined the vector of further development in the segments of higher, non-formal and vocational education."