Mythical Gods, Entertaining Tasks and Amazing Gifts: Don't Miss the Start of a Massive Quest at WEGAME 6.0!

The universe of WEGAME 6.0 is truly versatile and unique! In order you could fully immerse into it and feel the whole gaming vibe, we have created a unique and most epic quest. A mysterious mythical world, secret tasks and of course, massive scale – yes, yes, all this and even more awaits each of the participants!

Intrigued? Then it's time to learn more about all the details of the exciting quest.

A huge test for WeGamers: Details

Participating in adventure quest means finding yourself in the epicenter of an original fairy-tale world inhabited by gods, mythical characters and heroes who fight evil in defiance of all obstacles. After completing it, you will discover all the secrets of WEGAME 6.0 universe!

The quest starts on August 1. During the month, you have to complete various tasks, getting points for solving them. To successfully complete the game, you will need a sharp mind, courage, resourcefulness, dexterity and… little a bit of strength and charisma!

The quest will take place in two formats: online and offline. Online tasks are obligatory if you want to reach the finals and compete for the main treasures.

Offline challenges are a nice bonus for those who want to get the most out of this adventure and earn extra points by completing interesting tasks from our partners!

The epic finale of the great battle with evil will take place at WEGAME 6.0 on August 28-29. Only those who join the festival will be able to participate. During the event, you have to complete a series of tasks that will help you to learn more about the gaming universe and become its main character!

Based on the results of the main and additional tasks, we will determine the participants who scored the highest points. They will receive gifts from organizers and partners. How many winners will there be and what will be the prizes? For now, this is classified information. Follow the announcements and you will find out about everything soon!

If you can’t participate in a large-scale quest, do not be upset. Come to WEGAME 6.0! Here you will find tons of ​​interactive entertainment, including a mini-quest for exploring the vast world of WeGame.

So, are you ready for an incredible adventure, want to test your skills, prove your intellectual and physical superiority? Then it's time to start the countdown to the greatest challenge!

Registration of participants will open on August 1. And in order not to miss the beginning of the quest, follow the link and fill out the form. We will definitely send you an email reminding you about the start!

And if you see funny stickers with festival symbols in different locations of Kyiv, don't be shy, scan a QR code and proceed to the registration page for the quest.

Join and save the world from ancient evil – get the most exciting emotions!

Register by the link: https://bit.ly/2WiQNtp