Web page performance: Productive as ever

Web page performance: Productive as ever

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Have you ever started to think about the Web Page Performance when it’s too late to change anything? We were there too. And we want to help you avoid such situations. To create a truly successful app, keep this issue in mind from the earliest stages of development; not when it is one step from being done.

Of course, the importance of high website speed does not come as a secret to anyone. But how to avoid popular mistakes while creating applications from scratch? Is it possible to easily build high performance web apps? What are the best ways to build interactive web sites? Here are only a few of the questions that we will answer during our webinar. 

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About the Speaker

Denis Vada has more than 7 years of experience developing multiple web applications, from scratch to production, with successful production launches. He has gained immense expertise in various projects in different industries such as E-commerce, Retail, Financial Services, and Legal services. Now Denis is creating and developing processes and standards of the project’s building and production launching. He also helps develop the JS expertise of the colleagues, as well as mentors his engineering team.

What’s on

  • Web performance fundamentals
  • Performance analysis tools: PSI, Chrome UX Report, Google Lighthouse, Webpack Bundle Analyzer
  • Expectations and Delusions: Simple things that significantly impact high performance
  • High-performance application building techniques