Luxoft's Testimonial on participation in IT Ukraine

Volodymyr Sharov

Volodymyr Sharov

Global Operations Director, Luxoft

Many strategic issues in the development of the domestic IT-market require the cooperation of a significant number of its key players, partner collaboration and goal achievement through joint efforts. The Association has managed to unite the necessary number of participants and successfully carry out the coordination role.

For us, the work of the Association is important for eliminating regulatory barriers for the IT-industry, maintaining a constructive dialogue with the authorities on the further development of the industry, and ensuring stable conditions for the functioning of the market. Particular attention deserves educational initiatives, which are intended to reduce the gap between the high quality of students' training at higher educational establishments and the needs of business.

As for Luxoft, the main value of participation in the Association is the opportunity to jointly cope with the issues that can not be solved by one company - taxation of the industry, development and reform of IT-education, etc.

In our opinion, the Association has entered a qualitatively new level of work. The team sets ambitious goals, finds ways to achieve them, effectively works on very diverse projects. The Association's strategy fully meets the needs of the industry, and activities are more visible and transparent due to the regular presence in the media.

Today, the IT-market is changing very quickly and a number of issues require 100% immediate resolution for the further development of the industry. In particular, it is a matter of taxation and sustainable business conditions, the simplification of labor legislation and its compliance with the needs of business and the present, the protection of companies from unlawful actions of controlling bodies and the provision of intellectual property rights, the formation of a modern educational system in schools and higher educational institutions for preparation Competitive professionals. Solving these issues in the next 3-5 years will open up new opportunities for the IT-industry and make Ukraine a prominent and influential player on the global market, and we are confident that the IT Ukraine Association is able to remove these barriers.