Randy Zuckerberg will give a speech at Kyiv Smart City Forum 2020

For the first time in Ukraine, Randy Zuckerberg will give a speech at Kyiv Smart City Forum 2020


About the event:

Randy Zuckerberg (entrepreneur, investor, founder and CEO of Zuckerberg Media) will appear as a headliner of Kyiv Smart City Forum 2020. The event takes place on October, 8 online.

Before starting her own company, the sister of Facebook’s founder has contributed with ‘Facebook Live’, a tool for live streaming on Facebook app, which is used by more than a billion people worldwide. For this project, she has been nominated for an ‘Emmy’ award in a category "real-time news coverage". She has written four books, two of which become bestsellers, and one named ‘DOT’ adopted as a scenario for a TV series. Under her leadership, Zuckerberg Media keeps collaboration with such giant companies as The Clinton Global Initiative, Cirque du Soleil, Conde Nast, The United Nations, Bravo and others.

Zuckerberg dedicated to Facebook more than 10 years of her life. She started working for an unknown startup, totaled only 12 employees and made it to a Commercial Director of a huge company with more than 40 offices around the world, counting several thousand employees. Actually, Randy actively helps to rookie entrepreneurs, standing out with brilliant ideas. "I consider myself a patron of business. Every morning I ask myself: can I help even more entrepreneurs?’ - Randy admits. Now her key mission refers to support businesses in different countries and gain investment resources for them. A world-renowned speaker on technology and entrepreneurship, she helps others understand new trends in technology and mentors about making them working for you and your business.

  Randy Zuckerberg's interests also include producing Broadway shows and TV projects, running the weekly radio show Randi Zuckerberg Means Business and even acting - Randy starred in the musical Rock of Ages.

Ukrainian entrepreneurs, startups and other participants have a unique opportunity to listen to Randy Zuckerberg live on October 8, 2020 during the Kyiv Smart City Forum 2020 on an innovative online platform, devoted to discussions about future of smart cities. The forum, which is one of the main events, dedicated to promotion of smart city technologies in Eastern Europe, brings together thousands of the best Ukrainian and international innovation experts, urban planners, government officials and crisis managers.

               For the first time in Ukraine, such a large-scale forum will be held online, consisting of: speeches from leading Ukrainian and international experts, a virtual exhibition area with the best technological solutions, live communication with the smart community, interactive events and networking with TOP international companies.

Speakers from:

  • Ukraine, Netherlands, the USA, Spain, Germany and Singapore will talk about transformations, taking place around the world, present unique content, discuss different points of view and share experience of professionals referring to all aspects of smart life.

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