Vinnytsia is researching the city's IT industry for the first time

Vinnytsia is researching the city's IT industry for the first time

This year, the IT Association of Vinnytsia launch the first comprehensive study of the region, which was named "IT VN Research-2021". This non-profit project will allow you to study technology, staffing requirements, infrastructure needs, the economic impact of the industry and form a portrait of an urban IT specialist.

Its goal is to demonstrate the key advantages of the Vinnytsia region and help bring our city to the top of the most convenient IT locations in Ukraine and Europe,

said Dariia Nyshporska, PR-manager of the IT Association of Vinnytsia.

You can join the research by:

Such projects are already well known to the IT communities of Lviv, Dnipro, Kharkiv, and other large technological centers of Ukraine. In this way, business partners, potential investors, employees, etc. get acquainted with the local market and give it additional income.

Dariia claims that this project has an important socio-economic mission: “Nowadays, there is a large discrepancy between training programs in universities and IT schools, between the demands of specialists and the real needs of employers. We can see all this just by opening any job search site: some job openings stay there for months”.

IT VN Research-2021 will be conducted through anonymous surveys of IT companies with offices in Vinnytsia, interviews with CEO’s of the largest of them, a separate survey of industry workers, as well as analysis of statistical information from open data sources.

Information from this study will be published in winter in summary form on the official website, as well as presented offline. This and other projects can be tracked using the IT VN telegram channel.

The IT VN Research-2021 survey will last until November 30 inclusive! You can join at:

This survey is funded by member companies of the Vinnytsia IT Association: EPAM, Delphi Software, Onseo, Astound Commerce, LetyShops, Exadel, SoftServe, Ciklum, Infopulse, EXISTEK, PLEXTEQ, Ajax Systems, ElifTech, Memcrab, Dedey Digital.