An infographic study

An infographic study "Digital Economy of Ukraine" has been published

7 out of 10 largest companies in the world - digital; e-commerce in Ukraine is growing by 20-30% annually, and the food delivery market in Ukraine is doubling every year. The digital economy covers more and more areas of human life, while data is becoming a core value. That is why the content marketing agency Top Lead researched the main areas of the digital economy and presented the results in the information-analytical project "Digital Economy of Ukraine".

The study is presented in an infographic format and reveals the following aspects:

  • what are digital, virtual economies and how to measure them;

  • what is a digital business and what is its digital capacity by industry;

  • the digital economy of Ukraine in numbers and examples: online-trade (e-commerce), recreation and communication, advertising and the labor market, the Internet of Things, digital production, digital education, digital homes, etc.;

  • world economic development trends.

The study was prepared by the content marketing agency Top Lead. The information partners were the Association "IT Ukraine" and BusinessViews.


The biggest challenge for Ukraine now is to ensure sustainable and rapid economic growth. In today's world, it happens due to the transition of businesses and countries "in digital". We released this study to show how to pave the way for Ukraine's economy.

— Stanislav Shum, CEO of Top Lead

The Association actively supports the digitalization of the economy, as it allows the IT industry to grow and be competitive in the global market. The study "Digital Economy of Ukraine" clearly and simply describes the main areas of our daily lives, which have already undergone digital transformation.

— Kostiantyn Vasyuk, Executive Director of the IT Ukraine Association

This study is relevant for Ukraine, which follows global trends and is actively working on the digitalization of the country. The Ministry of Digital Transformation is currently operating, the concept of digital economy development has been approved, public services are becoming digital, and business is migrating to the cloud, developing mobile applications and mastering new business models. Without digitalization, Ukraine will simply not be able to compete with other countries for economic growth, people, investment and leadership.