Ukrainian programmers are among the world’s best in solving tasks

Ukrainian programmers are among the world’s best in solving tasks

Ukrainian programmers are among the best in the world in solving problems. Such conclusions are made thanks to the statistics of the Skillotron gaming platform, which is used by developers from 57 countries.

The highest average scores in programming tasks are obtained in Ukraine and Argentina. The most popular programming languages in Ukraine are JavaSсripт, Java and Python. In addition, Ukrainian developers devote much more time to solving problems.

The most popular languages 

Despite the global leadership of Java, JavaScript and C#, not all countries developers are equally interested in the same technologies. 

The most popular language in Ukraine was JavaSprit (28.36%), followed by Java (13.92%) and Python (4.42%). Love for JavaSprit brings together Ukrainian developers with colleagues from Germany, where this language is used in more than 34% of cases. It is also the first in popularity in India (25.93%) and in the OAU (28.95%).

Less popular languages 

Other languages among Ukrainian programmers are less popular. The lower in the rating goes PHP, C#, C++, Ruby and Go, which is more or less consistent with the popularity of these languages in most other countries. 

According to Skillotron, the biggest part of world Go developers live in the UK (4.29%), although their services are likely to pour into a penny. 


Other achievements

Depending on the country, not only the languages that the specialists prefer, but also the average marks for the passed tests are changing. 

The highest average score (53.46) is obtained from programmers from Ukraine and Argentina, the third and fourth place are Belarusians (46.9) and Poles (46.8). Programmers from UAE close the top five.

There are enough versatile programmers from Armenia: players from this country are tested on average on 12 technologies. Developers from the United States (11) and Iran (9) follow Armenia.

The most persistent were programmers from Ukraine, Great Britain, Kazakhstan, Belarus and Argentina. On passing the tests, they spend significantly more time than the average in the world (5.5 minutes).

Skillotron is a community-based platform for IT-professionals. 

With its help you can check your level of technology, ask questions and compare your achievements with the results of other participants. Skillotron has over 2000 questions created by users. They are broken down into 16 categories and dozens of subcategories: from programming languages to project management technologies and IT-history.

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