Ukraine is the future IT-capital of Europe

Ukraine is the future IT-capital of Europe

Ukraine is a state not only with a unique geographic location, it also locates "among the worlds". This is a country with an exciting desire to bring something unique in its global culture, something personal. 

The technological talent of a nation is the world's tallest hill. If to speak first of all about engineers-developers, then they easily fall among the best on the planet. 

However, for Ukraine, the concept of cultural openness of entrepreneurship is something new and unusual. I had to meet a lot of pessimism, which does not fit into the potential of a nation with great intellectual capabilities. 

In my opinion, the outsider is a consequence of the communist ideology, which is hostile to both capitalism and individualism. Apparently, Ukraine is still recovering psychologically from this heritage. 

Therefore, the reality is like that: there are no such material obstacles that would prevent Ukraine from becoming the technological capital of not only Eastern Europe but the whole of Europe. It seems that the younger generation understands this and I believe in them. 

I predict that over the next five to ten years we will see the appearance of many large technology companies from Ukraine. Your country is completely transformed and becoming a world leader in technology.