Ubisoft teaching students about a career in gamedev

Ubisoft teaching students about a career in gamedev

On February 10 as part of the project "Learn. Play. Work” a lesson for ninth-graders of Novopecherska school was held. The children were convinced that the love of computer games could become a bridge to a dream career in IT.

Students also learned about 5 main areas of work in game development: game design, programming, testing, art and management. Ubisoft Ukraine specialists Kateryna Ladygina, a communications specialist, and Dmytro Popovichenko, a specialist in educational programs, joined online.

The children were really interested in the lesson! Especially since they did not know that there were online guests from Ubisoft Ukraine in the lesson, they were as sincere as possible. Now they know more about gamedev and maybe one day one of them will connect their life with this profession,

- shared Tetyana Tkachenko, a computer science teacher at the Novopecherska school.

“Learn. Play. Work” is a joint project of the IT Ukraine Association with the game development company Ubisoft Ukraine and the EdEra online education studio. For the project, we and our partners plan to develop an online course on the career potential of the gaming industry. Therefore, such lessons help to show children's interest in knowledge about gameplay.

We are very inspired by the way the open lesson took place at the Novopecherska school. It is a pleasure to feel involved in such an important project and to have the opportunity to change the perceptions of students and teachers about the gaming industry and its prospects. We truly thank the teachers for conducting and adapting the lesson. We saw interest and lights in the eyes of students, which inspires us to move on and work on new lessons with the educational platform EdEra and IT Ukraine Association,

- Kateryna Ladygina, communications specialist at Ubisoft Ukraine.

Now “Learn. Play. Work” is a pilot project that aims to tell children, parents, teachers and anyone interested in the gaming industry how to turn a passion for computer games into a successful career. And a large-scale online course for everyone will start very soon, so stay tuned!
You can learn about the course structure and the results of the 2020 pilot here.