U-Turn: How to manage competence

U-Turn: How to manage competence


On June 15, we invite you to the fourth meeting of the U-Turn community.

Started by the Swedish-Ukrainian tech company Beetroot, U-Turn is the Ukrainian open digital community for team leaders and everyone responsible for guiding and supporting others in their work.

While each online meetup features experts from various countries, these are not lectures or seminars but rather facilitated space for participants to exchange ideas and discuss different leadership approaches, team communication, and self-organization.

On June 15, at 12 am (EEST) Rolf Medina, PhD, boundary spanner, who connects research with business, will talk about how to manage competence in a world that is moving fast and where we need to learn and relearn constantly.

Rolf has supported many organisations such as IKEA, Ericsson, Sony, etc., in their digital and organizational journeys. Today, he is one of the founders of Future of Organizing and Highly Engage People; organisations and tools that move organisations into the era of self-organizing and competence focus.

Hope to see you there!

This is a FREE Zoom meeting. If you would like to join, be sure to register here: https://forms.gle/ecS8bzjL2d65cbHCA

For any questions, contact Tatyana: tatyana.nityagina@beetroot.se