Top Lead partner

Top Lead is the new Association partner

Top Lead is the new Association partner. It is a content marketing agency helping its clients to achieve their goals: to reveal expertise, to develop a loyal audience and to position a brand. Top Lead's major area of specialty is data visualization, that is to transform complex ideas into eye-catching and comprehensible infographics.

Following digital technology development, the amount of information we process daily has increased rapidly. Not to get lost in this information flow, it is important to correctly interpret the data, pick out the main messages and visualize these by shaping them in a modern, attractive way.  Top Lead knows how to make complex things simple. Also, it is an important mission given the specific nature of the present-day dynamic life pace.

Top Lead made it to the list of the world's best content marketing agencies and became the only Eastern European company to win the International Content Marketing Awards.

In 2019, digital transformation has finally become a mainstream in Ukraine. At that, dozens of companies have been already implementing it for several years. We present the most successful examples in our research. In it, we also explain the impact of technology on the company's business model and operational efficiency, as well as the necessity to improve corporate culture and customer experience. We are grateful to IT Ukrane Association for being involved in this research project, for substantial expert and information support

said Stanislav Shum, Director General Top Lead

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IT Ukraine is the largest pool of IT service and product companies in Ukraine, which collectively account for 50% of all export earnings of IT industry in Ukraine and unite 27% of Ukrainian IT professionals. The Association has been operating in the market for over 15 years. Our mission is to ensure favorable conditions for IT industry development in the country and abroad. Detailed information is available on our Facebook page