The results of the reputational research of the the IT industry

The results of the reputational research of the the IT industry

On December 29, the results of the first nationwide survey of the reputation of the IT industry of Ukraine will be presented. The study lasted 4 months and involved 1,700 respondents. The results demonstrate a comprehensive vision of the reputation of the IT industry in terms of its key stakeholders.

The reputation research was organized by the IT Ukraine Association together with independent partner agencies Looqme and MZ Hub. Sociological polls were conducted in 2 stages from September to December 2020 on the platform.

As a result of the first stage, the organizers formed a short-list of 32 IT companies that received the highest recognition rates among respondents interviewed on the platform, as well as had a high level of presence in the media and social networks. In the second stage, opinion polls were conducted among IT professionals, students and the environment, as well as media monitoring of the industry.

During the presentation the following results will be presented:

  • Current perception of the IT industry by key stakeholders;
  • Reputable leadership in the industry;
  • Reputational risks and problem areas of the industry;
  • Representation of the industry in the media and social networks;
  • Representation of key players in the media and social networks.
Yulia Malich, Head of PR Community of the IT Ukraine Association, notes: 

We are pleased to present the first comprehensive study of the reputation of Ukrainian IT in Ukraine. We have made great efforts to obtain objective results, and have involved independent partners in cooperation. The results contain a lot of insights, quantitative and qualitative, which will become a reliable basis for the work of communication teams of IT companies in Ukraine and industry management in general.

Date: December 29 
Time: 11:00 - 12:30