The largest conference on IT education in Ukraine took place

The largest conference on IT education in Ukraine took place

On December 22, Ukraine's largest conference on IT education, Synergy. IT Business & IT Education, took place. This year the event was held for the eighth time, combining online and offline formats. The conference attracted 43 speakers and a record number of participants — 1189.

The conference consisted of expert reports, thematic discussion panels, and workshops. It brought together business, government and a number of educational institutions to discuss current challenges and further development of IT education.

This year, discussions focused on current issues of new approaches to cooperation between IT business and IT education, its digitalization and global approaches to development, and so on. The detailed program of the event can be found at the link.

Keynote speakers of this year's Synergy. IT Business & IT Education became Barbara Oakley, Ph.D. and Professor at Oakland University, and Sandra Laughlin, Professor at the University of Maryland and Head of Learning Practice at EPAM Systems.

Maksym Pochebut, Head of Educational Programs at EPAM Ukraine and Vice President for Educational Issues of the IT Ukraine Association, notes that the systemic development of the IT industry in Ukraine is greatly facilitated by the cooperation of key players in IT education — business, government and educators. That is why the key to the effective development of the IT industry is a productive dialogue between educators and business, as well as comprehensive and timely support from the state and the willingness of managers to take into account the needs of both parties.

Synergy. IT Business & IT Education, as a platform for educators, business and government to meet and discuss current industry issues, is extremely important for finding effective solutions. This year, for the first time, the event was held in a mixed format online and partially offline, which allowed us to attract world-class experts virtually,

 Maxim Pochebut comments.

Andriy Peremybida, director of the Talent Acceleration Center at SoftServe, also notes the key role of the conference in the interaction of state business and educators for the development of IT education. He claims that Synergy. IT Business & IT Education conference is exactly the platform where you can summarize the year in the direction of IT education and discuss the future strategy of key players. This place brings together like-minded people and competitors, government, business and education. And if there was no such place, it would be worth creating.

In recent years, the trend of cooperation between educators, business and the state has significantly intensified. More and more attention is paid to STEM-disciplines, IT-education itself is digitalized and focuses on the development of soft skills.

Sakalo Yevhen Serhiiovych, head of the university program at GlobalLogic Ukraine, adds that it is extremely important to systematically update and develop joint educational programs.

I consider the key aspects for the development of IT education in 2021 to be systematic work on updating training courses, creating joint educational programs (certificate, bachelor's, master's), introduction of student R&D projects in universities, as well as investment in the teaching staff,

 — he comments.

Yanina Olkhovska, Director of Communications, CSR and Involvement in UKRSIBBANK BNP Paribas Group shares the opinion that the IT sector in Ukraine is one of the most dynamic and promising. Therefore, IT personnel need systematic and high-quality training. 

Today in Ukraine there are more than 185 thousand IT specialists who develop technological solutions for companies around the world. Given the rapid development of the IT industry and the demand for specialists, we can predict that in a few years this figure will increase significantly. Of course, the market will need skilled workers: Big Data, AI, AR, Data Science, Cybersecurity, Knowledge Engineers, etc. These are all science-intensive computer science disciplines that require long-term and high-quality training to compete in the global market,

 — she emphasizes.

Barbara Oakley, Ph.D. and a professor at the University of Oakland, also shared global trends in the development of IT education and insights in the field of neurology. She emphasizes that education and IT have a symbiotic relationship — we could not have IT without education, and we could not get an education without IT.

Some of the greatest recent insights from neuroscience show the great value of innovative educational techniques such as retrieval practice and interleaving in helping students learn IT more readily — no matter what their age, 

says Barbara Oakley. 



The conference is organized by the IT Ukraine Association
Partners of Synergy. IT Business & IT Education are GlobalLogic, SoftServe, EPAM and Sigma Software
Partner bank — UKRSIBBANK BNP Paribas Group.
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You can find the photo report of the event at the link.