The impact of tech education in Ukraine

The impact of tech education in Ukraine

Beetroot Academy, as social entrepreneurship, is on a mission to help people have great careers in the digital economy. As a result, nearly 5% of all new tech specialists in 2021 in Ukraine are Beetroot Academy graduates.

The core activity of Beetroot Academy is to provide people with practical skills training to help them start a career as tech specialists. Also, finding ways to narrow the gap between talent and employers and create an impact in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

In 2021 more than 2700 people got a tech education at Beetroot Academy. 65% of them live outside the leading tech hubs. Nearly 5% of all new tech specialists in 2021 in Ukraine are Beetroot Academy graduates, and 61% of graduates are women, while the tech industry is 75% men.

The company aims to shorten the lack of skilled tech professionals worldwide and reduce inequalities, working on fundraising and implementing B2G (business to grants) projects to scholarships for education for vulnerable groups. Collaborations with international organizations such as Pact, ACTED, UNFPA, and the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs allowed providing scholarships to 300 students who could not cover it on their own.

Due to the full-scale war in Ukraine, Beetroot Academy has launched a Tech education fund. It aims to raise funds for at least 1000 Ukrainians affected by war to help them start new careers in tech and restore their lives.

The full version of the impact report is available via the link.

Beetroot Academy is a Swedish-Ukrainian social enterprise on a mission to help people start careers in the digital economy. We provide intensive, practical tech education, taught by industry professionals in various high-in-demand specializations, coupling that with career support and industry networking. It started in 2014 to rebuild careers of those who suffered from the Russian invasion of Crimea and Donbas. Since then Beetroot Academy has educated 7000 people (51% are women), about 70% of graduates successfully find a job in IT. Company has experience and a proven track record of working with internally displaced people and vulnerable groups of women, with the support of international partners (UNFPA, Sweden, USAID, UNDP and others). Company provides education for those who wants to start a career as Front-End Developers, UI/UX Designers, Python Developers, Project Managers, Quality Assurance Engineers, Recruiting Specialist, and connects alumni to the extensive network of more than 200 partner companies to assist in making the right connections to find a job in IT.