The importance of the IT-industry for the country is growing

The importance of the IT-industry for the country is growing

IT Ukraine Association, jointly with independent partner agencies LOOQME and MZ Hub, conducted an annual Reputation Research of the IT industry. The purpose of the research was to get a comprehensive vision of the reputation of IT professionals and the industry in 2022, and to observe the dynamics of its shifts. 1577 IT professionals and 457 people from their close circle took part in the research.

The study focused on 57 IT companies-members of the Association. They are going to receive detailed reputational data and indicators of their media activity in Ukraine and in European countries. Social networks and media were also in focus: 32,500 media mentions and 120,000 social media mentions were analyzed.

Based on the results of the research, IT companies adjust their communication strategies and projects in a timely manner, which will significantly bring them closer to achieving their priorities and business goals.


As reported by 92% of respondents, IT professionals point out the real significance of the industry for the economy and security of Ukraine. IT professionals believe that the IT industry is the key to ensuring the inflow of investments into the country and budget revenues as the basis for the further development of the country’s economy after the victory.

Respondents recognized that the IT industry:

  •  ensures the inflow of investments/currency into the country;
  •  works regardless of circumstances and fills the country's budget;
  •  supports the Armed Forces;
  •  stimulates the development of new technologies;
  •  develops the economy of the country as a whole;


Cooperation with the aggressor is intolerable. IT professionals and their encirclement consider cooperation with russia, belarus or companies from these countries to be totally unacceptable, as reported by 90% of IT professionals and 68% of their encirclement.

Fulfilling obligations to employees, customers and the state. The IT industry shows a record high need for transparency and openness of business and a critically high level of intolerance for tax evasion to the budget.

In 2022, the IT industry paid a record UAH 32.2 billion in taxes and fees to the consolidated budget of Ukraine, showing growth by 16%.

64% of respondents among IT professionals and 59% among their entourage agreed that for the third year in a row, intellectual migration and the outflow of the labor force are considered one of the main challenges for the industry.

The solo trader operation model is no longer considered as an issue for IT employees. Over the last two years, the issue has almost twice lost its relevance.


Changing priorities.  In 2022, financial issues and personal profit for IT professionals and their environment took a back seat. The implementation of social initiatives and the support of the Armed Forces are of the greatest interest to respondents: 61% among IT professionals and 43% among their encirclement.

Blackouts and significant connection issues, which could affect the quality and timeliness of work, became the biggest challenge for IT professionals last year. Despite this, IT companies managed to adapt, continue to work and fulfill their obligations to customers and partners.

Relocation has become another challenge for the industry in 2022. Some IT companies were forced to organize the relocation of employees to safe regions or abroad. However, the majority of IT professionals did not change their place of residence, and 63% of those who temporarily moved abroad plan to return to Ukraine.

The full version of the research is available to members of the "IT Ukraine" Association who joined the project.

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