The employment of foreigners from CIS was sufficiently simplyfied

The employment of foreigners from CIS was sufficiently simplyfied

Kyiv, July 18 - The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has approved the CMU Resolution, which significantly simplifies the procedure of employment in Ukraine for citizens of a number of CIS countries. Changes to the current order of employment of foreigners were initiated by the experts of the Association IT Ukraine and the Office of Effective Regulation.

From now on. to start work in Ukraine, foreigners from CIS countries need to obtain two documents: a permission for the use of labor and a certificate of a temporary residence. Until today, to issue a certificate to foreigners or stateless persons, whose stay in the territory of our country do not require a visa, it was necessary to leave the territory of Ukraine after the date of issue of the permit and return with a border crossing note with a later date than the date of issue permission. Such a procedure not only created additional inexplicable and unjustified complications for those who wish to work in Ukraine, but also led to additional costs and time spent by Ukrainian companies working with foreigners.


Due to the resolution, a permission to use labor, which was granted not later than 30 days from the date of the crossing of Ukrainian border, do not require an additional border crossing procedure for obtaining a temporary residence permit.

This simplification is a small but important step for the formation of a modern and open migration policy of Ukraine, which is extremely important for the further development of the domestic IT-industry. In addition, such changes will help Ukrainian companies that actively co-operate with foreign experts to significantly save money previously spent on employment of citizens of the CIS countries - according to the estimates of the Ministry of Economic Development, only after the first year of the novel, the cost of employment will decrease by about 5.7 million UAH .

The CMU resolution is approved with the need to align it with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the IT-community hopes that its deregulation effect will not be reduced as a result of such revisions.

Simplification of the procedure for the employment of foreigners was one of the main topics discussed by representatives of the Ukrainian IT-industry with the Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman in April this year. Simple and understandable employment rules will boost the exchange of experience in the industry and create additional favorable conditions for the development of information technology in our country. It is nice to see that the government takes into account the needs of IT and gradually eliminates a number of barriers that hinder the development of the industry

Oleksander Kubrakov, Executive Director of the IT Ukraine Association

It should be noted that at present the representatives of Ukrainian IT-industry are waiting for the elimination of barriers to the employment of foreigners who need a D-type visa to work in Ukraine. Today, this type of visa can not be obtained on the territory of our country, which greatly complicates the procedure of employment of Ukrainian IT-companies by professionals from many other countries of the world. Proposals for solving this issue have already been developed by the IT Ukraine Association and the Office of Effective Regulation and handed over for consideration by the relevant government bodies.