The bill of the Ministry of Digital Transformation on Diia.City is sent for revision

The bill on Diia.City is sent for revision

The Committee on Digital Transformation of the Verkhovna Rada considered bills №4303, 4303-1 and 4303-2 on Diia.City. As a result, alternative bills from the IT industry were rejected, and bill 4303 from the Ministry of Digital Transformation was sent for revision. The deputies promise to take into account the provisions of alternative bills and to submit an updated document to the Committee for repeated first reading in the near future.

What is important to know at the moment:

  • bill №4303 does not take into account proposals from the IT industry;
  • the deputy version № 4303-d will be presented to the IT community in the near future. Representatives of the IT industry were not included in the working group on drafting the bill;
  • the bill № 4303-d promises to fix the possibility of cooperation of companies with sole proprietorships only within a year from the date of entry into force of the law;
  • 4303-d will provide for the mandatory participation of Diia.City residents in a self-regulatory organization (SRO), to which they will be required to pay additional monthly membership fees.

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