The Association Welcomes New Members

The Association Welcomes New Members

In the new military realities, the Association continues to work incessantly to support our members, the IT community and the IT industry overall. All this time we have been actively helping our participants: facilitating companies’ relocations, advocating for the IT business in dialogue with the Government, briefing our international partners on the situation in Ukraine and the Industry, providing humanitarian aid, implementing a number of useful services and social initiatives in support of Ukraine. As an evidence of our moving in the right direction the expansion of the Association serves.

During the last month and a half, 16 more companies representing nearly 3,000 IT professionals have joined our community. This shows a high level of confidence in us and confirms the importance of our work! We thank our participants and partners for their trust! #StrongerTogether

We are glad to present the first ten companies-participants!

Agiliway is a Ukrainian-American company that provides software development and IT services. In May 2018, Agiliway introduced its own first product - the mobile application CiviMobile. The company works in such areas as IT consulting, software development, implementation and support of special CRM and ERP systems for startups, small and medium-sized companies, enterprises and non-profit organizations, a full range of e-commerce solution development service, business process outsourcing. Agiliway successfully develops and helps to launch projects in the fields of financial technologies, healthcare, e-learning, trade, hospitality and recreation, HR, logistics, media, and non-profit NGOs. In 2020, we received the Microsoft Silver Partner certificate.

Motto: Get results the agile way.

Offices in Ukraine: Lviv, Chernivtsi

Number of specialists in Ukraine: 200

Company offices abroad: Austin

Number of specialists in total: 400+

We are pleased to become a part of the community of leaders in the IT industry, because together we have even more strength and resources to achieve our goals. We are convinced that co-thinkers and professionals concentrated in one place can inspire each other to continuous development and make a breakthrough in the industry. We believe in the power of the IT community and the incredible potential of Ukraine,

-  Serhiy Kornienko, COO of Agiliway, said.

Byte organizes the construction of modern new-format cottage towns for members of the Association and their families on the "live and work in the same place" concept. Our approach involves the creation of a functional office center just in the town with an individual workspace for each resident.

Motto: The future is not where we are going, but what we are creating.

Offices in Ukraine: Kyiv

Number of specialists in Ukraine: 5

Founded in 2014, CNA International IT is a recruitment agency that finds IT professionals for food companies.

Offices in Ukraine: Kyiv

Number of specialists in Ukraine: 27

Offices abroad: Valencia, Houston

Number of specialists in total: 30

We decided to join the IT-Ukraine Association because our mission is to find like-minded - people, products, solutions - around the world. In the Association we found co-thinkers, uniting with whom we can do more, bring more value to those who belong to the IT segment - both in Ukraine and abroad. One of the important ways to achieve our goals is the quality of recruitment services, focusing on the best practices of global recruitment, explaining to the audience what is the quality of recruitment services itself. Thanks to the partnership with the Association, we saw another opportunity to broadcast this market value,

- Taisiya Mlyuzan, Partner, CNA International IT

Melexis is an international Belgian company that develops and manufactures integrated circuits. The main application area of our circuits is the car industry, as about 80% of our circuits are used in cars, the other 20% - in household appliances, medical equipment, smart house systems, etc.

Offices in Ukraine: Kyiv

Number of specialists in Ukraine: 70

Offices abroad: Tessenderlo, Yper, Erfurt, Dresden, Dusseldorf, Beve, Kyiv, Sofia, Paris, Grasse, Corbeil, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Kuching, San Jose

Number of specialists in total: 1500

Oxagile is an international technology company that develops innovative software in Media&Entertainment, AdTech, EdTech, IoT domains for world-renowned customers. The company's mission: Oxagile enables progressive businesses to transform, scale and gain a competitive advantage through the expert delivery of innovative, tailor-made software. Our elegant, data-driven solutions help organizations and people around the world to perform more efficiently and achieve better results. 

Motto: We create reliable architecture and promote a culture of clean, tested code that does not require special maintenance.

Offices in Ukraine: Kyiv

Number of specialists in Ukraine: 20+

Offices abroad: USA, Belarus, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania

Number of specialists in total: 450+

First of all, joining the Association is about opportunities. The opportunity to share experiences with leading companies in their niche, to find co-thinkers and partners for implementation of joint projects and to drive the development of the IT sphere in Ukraine and in the world,

- Dmytro Karpovych, CEO of Oxagile.

Motto: Together we bring games to the next level. Exactly with you.

Room 8 Group is the ideal basis for supporting production and creative needs. From high quality consoles/PCs to free mobile games. We team up with industry leaders to provide exceptional creative and technology services. 

Offices in Ukraine: Kyiv, Lviv

Number of specialists in Ukraine: 800

Offices abroad: London, Montreal, Limassol, Seattle, Tokyo, Warsaw

Number of specialists in total: 1200

Room 8 Studio is the largest and one of the oldest studios in Ukraine which is cooperating with 5 of the 10 best game publishers in the world.

Offices in Ukraine: Kyiv, Lviv

Number of specialists in Ukraine: 700

Offices abroad: Warsaw, Tokyo, London, Limassol, Montreal, Seattle

Number of specialists in total: 1000

Dragons Lake has carefully selected a team of prominent industry veterans who have contributed to some of AAA's most prominent games in recent years. Working on a number of high-quality programs each year, we gain an unprecedented level of experience that allows us to create products that shine.

Offices in Ukraine: Kyiv, Lviv

Number of specialists in Ukraine: 70

Offices abroad: Montreal, Warsaw, London, Tokyo, Limassol, Seattle

Number of specialists in total: 150

For Room 8 Group to be the part of the IT Ukraine Association is to be able to develop the industry together with the other industry players, offer new solutions and projects and know that you will receive the support of co-thinkers. It is also a great chance for Ukrainian IT companies to unite not only for development of country information technology industry, but also for helping Ukraine, and this is a priority for all of us,

- Anna Kozlova, CEO of Room 8 Group

Star works for businesses in a variety of industries, including Automotive & Mobility, HealthTech, FinTech and others. At Star, we combine strategy, ideas, design and technology into one workflow to support our customers every step of the way - no matter how long or difficult our journey is going to be. Our clients are Lufthansa, Zeiss, Panasonic, BMW, SAIC, NIO, Dolby, EGYM and others.

Motto: We make every great person, every great idea and every great company shine. That’s why we’re called Star.

Offices in Ukraine: Kyiv

Number of specialists in Ukraine: 600+

Offices abroad: Wroclaw, Ho Chi Minh City, Tokyo, Munich, London, Copenhagen, Sunnyvale, San Francisco, New York

Number of specialists in total: 800+

We look forward to becoming the part of the international community and build long-term strategic partnerships with organizations and companies that share common business interests. Our goal is to create an effective model of influence, innovation, resource sharing and expertise aimed at comprehensive development and future of the IT -industry not only at the local one but also at the governmental level,

- Magdalena Patshyk, the Head.

Suntech Innovation is engaged in research and development of products that are creating solutions for the ecosystem of products in the dynamic sphere of the iGaming market. Our mission is to create cutting-edge platforms to reinvent the iGaming industry. Our product is a high-quality iGaming ecosystem based on a wide range of technologies, stacks and programming languages. 

Motto: Technology driven by People, because our superpower is a team of experienced professionals who strive for technical excellence. 

Offices in Ukraine: Kyiv

Number of specialists in Ukraine: 50

Offices abroad: 0

Number of specialists in total: 50

Cooperation is of great importance to us. By joining forces of the IT industry, we can achieve more and have a better chance of future industry success in a country experiencing difficult times, and to affect the economy and the common good of Ukrainian society by our development,

- Leviza Osmanova, CEO of Suntech Innovation.

The best software development talents join Unicsoft, to solve complex problems of research, development and implementation of digital transformation around the world, to provide individual solutions based on Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and other evolving technologies.

Motto: Unfair advantage through technology innovation. We consult our clients how to use cutting edge technologies to win the competition in business and grow sustainably. 

Offices in Ukraine: Kyiv

Number of specialists in Ukraine: 120

Offices abroad: Larnaca

Number of specialists in total: 150

During the War, it is important to stick together by joining the Association to share their useful to the industry experience and help the Armed Forces of Ukraine together!,

- Alexei Zavgorodniy, CEO of Unicsoft.

Viseven is a global company, the provider of the latest MarTech services that combines professional marketing and digital technology with strategic innovations. The company offers digital solutions aimed at increasing the capacity of marketing in business of various scales and digital strategies development stages. Viseven helps pharmaceutical companies to design, implement and manage Content Experience operational models and the omnichannel to build a more effective dialogue with physicians.

Motto: To enable digital transformation in Life Science industry providing the future-inspired MarTech products and services, that as a final result improves patient care globally. We are saving lives by improving communication!

Offices in Ukraine: Kyiv, Zhytomyr, Vinnytsia, Ternopil

Number of specialists in Ukraine: 489

Offices abroad: Estonia (Tallinn), USA (Bridgewater), India (New Delhi), Canada (New Brunswick)

Number of specialists in total: 679

We at Viseven are honored to join the IT association of Ukraine. As a global company with roots in Ukraine, we are extremely proud of our origins. So, it is important for us to continue contributing to the development of the Ukrainian IT industry and the economy of our Motherland. Viseven provides services and products for the life sciences and healthcare industries around the world. We are tremendously proud of our employees since our processes continue running as usual despite the ongoing war in Ukraine. Viseven also encourages young talents by providing a welcoming environment to develop their knowledge and skills at the Viseven Academy. We stand with Ukraine!,

- Natalia Andriychuk, CEO of Viseven.