Techiia Foundation and IT Ukraine signed a memorandum of cooperation

Techiia Foundation and IT Ukraine signed a memorandum of cooperation

The IT Ukraine Association and the NGO Techiia Foundation (part of the international holding TECHIIA) signed a memorandum of cooperation. The organizations united to overcome the humanitarian and economic consequences of the war waged by the Russian Federation in Ukraine.

The value of each of the partners is the freedom and territorial integrity of Ukraine, the right to life, security, and human development. Therefore, the parties individually make every effort to provide assistance to all those in need in extremely difficult situations.

Together, the organizations plan to help Ukrainian citizens and certain sectors of the economy affected by the war. Since the beginning of the full-scale Russian invasion in Ukraine, the Techia Foundation has donated $7.5 million (UAH 217 million) for humanitarian aid purposes. In cooperation with the IT Ukraine Association, it will be possible to raise even more funds and meet the needs of Ukraine's defenders and victims of war.

The ability to unite and work together effectively is what helps Ukrainians become stronger and overcome any crisis. Together with the IT Ukraine Association, TECHIIA Holding implemented a number of important projects before the war. And we are once again joining forces to become even more useful for the country, which has given each of us the opportunity to implement our business projects,

— said Marianna Konina, the Communication Officer of Techiia Foundation.


The IT community is always in the vanguard to get involved in the most important processes for the country. Today our task is to take care of the life of Ukraine, so we defend the state both at the front and at back, fighting online and providing humanitarian aid. "We have chosen the Techiia Foundation as our partner because together we can quickly provide assistance to those who need it the most, 

— said Kostiantyn Vasyuk, the Association's executive director.




TECHIIA is an international diversified holding company that unites companies in various fields: IT products, IT services, a venture studio, production and distribution of esports products and accessories, construction of infrastructure facilities, etc. 
The non-governmental organization Techiia Foundation, part of the holding, until the war of 2022 was engaged in solving problems of pediatric oncology and projects in the field of education. On February 24, it launched a new direction "Support for the Freedom of Ukraine'' to provide humanitarian aid to Ukrainians.

IT Ukraine is the largest community of IT companies, accounting for 50% of all IT revenues in Ukraine and uniting 27% of Ukrainian IT professionals. The association unites the interests of business, the state, and international partners for the development of the IT industry in Ukraine. Together with participating companies, IT clusters, and partners, it protects the interests of business and promotes the brand of Ukraine as a leading technological nation.