Talk to Ukraine. Ukrainian tech and Portugal: New Business Opportunities

Talk to Ukraine. Ukrainian tech and Portugal: New Business Opportunities


Since the first days of the war, together with the Ukrainian IT community, we launched an English-language Talk to Ukraine webinar series on the LinkedIn platform to consolidate international support for Ukraine. In these webinars, we told personal stories of CEO and Founders about the resilience and determination of Ukrainians to defend their country, to raise awareness of how the Ukrainian technology industry holds the economic frontline and keep delivering of the services to our customers, scaling globally and transforming challenges into opportunities. Even after 9 months of the war, the IT export industry is growing and maintaining the Ukraine's economy, the Army, and our Cyber frontline. 

The tenth broadcast of our global conversation will be dedicated to the future development of the Ukrainian tech sector at global level, namely in Portugal, which has become one of the top destination for Ukrainian business relocation. 

We will present the potential of Ukrainian tech companies, share successful cases of collaboration between Ukraine and Portugal tech, discuss our common perspectives on the global market. During our live discussion together with our distinguished speakers we will try to highlight what Ukrainian IT companies can offer on the Portugal and global markets, which IT areas are most demanding and how much perspective is to do business in Portugal and launch joint products globally. We will also talk about experience and recommendations for beginners to do business in Portugal. 

Join us live on LinkedIn! 

The event is conducted by IT Ukraine Association and Porto Tech Hub.