Webinar «Talk to Ukraine: Partnership of IT business and the State»

Webinar «Talk to Ukraine: Partnership of IT business and the State»


We continue the online webinar series to raise awareness on how we can unite and take action to support Ukraine together. The 5th session of a global conversation will highlight the unity of IT business and the State in the face of war, their efforts to defend our country with another kind of weapon: Keep the economy moving.

During these two long and difficult months of the war, the Ukrainian society managed to consolidate than never before thanks to mutual support and unity of all national stakeholders, business and the State. We do believe that national IT-industry could become one of the cornerstones of a New Economy of Ukraine when it comes to recovery and renovation. In this webinar, you will hear stories from our distinguished guest speakers about their experience, resilience, and efforts to unite and defend our country on the economic battlefront.

We are stronger together!

Donate to support Ukrainian defenders and civilians:

NBU’s special account for Ukraine’s armed forces

Army SOS to buy ammunition, protective gear, communication equipment, uniforms, and food supply

Come Back Alive, charity fund created for financial and technical assistance to the Ukrainian army.

International Rescue Committee supporting displaced Ukrainian families

Razom, a non-profit human rights organization supporting the Ukrainian pursuit of democracy and justice

Help Ukraine, a volunteer warehouse center in Poland sending humanitarian and medical aid to Ukraine.

A few ways you can support Ukraine right now:

  • Start business with Ukrainian companies and promote doing so to your networks
  • Continue to do business with Ukraine if you are already doing it

Need more info? Reach us at hello@itukraine.org.ua

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