SYNERGY 2022. IT Business & IT Education

SYNERGY 2022. IT Business & IT Education


Synergy Educational IT Conference. IT Business & IT Education: New Horizons is back! The largest profile conference in Ukraine, launched by the Association in 2014, brings together on a single platform all national stakeholders in the field of IT education to share experiences, create favorable conditions for industry development and identify its priority vectors.

In the eight years of its existence, the Synergy platform has brought together more than 3,500 participants and about 200 leading speakers of IT business, government, education and science. Synergy includes dozens of successful cases, collaborations of leading IT companies and universities, best practices in corporate IT education, speaker presentations, panel discussions, presentations of startups and educational projects.

This year our event will take place in the summer, because it has a special theme and background. On June 24, 2022, we plan to bring together more than 500+ guests of the online event in a joint discussion of current realities in the world of IT education. We will gather more than 20 experts online on various issues, including how the landscape and trends in the IT industry have changed, what sciences and skills will be needed in wartime realities, how to get a new profession and much more.

SYNERGY 2022. IT Business & IT Education

  • Stream 1 - Education of teenagers
  • Stream 2 - Preservation of formal education and ways to support it on the part of business
  • Stream 3 - Adult education: teachers, new professions, effective educational paths

Join the important discussions of projects in the field of education and CSR, which will certainly be important components of the future recovery of Ukraine.