SoftwareONE Live Webinar

SoftwareONE Live Webinar

Benefits of using Vmware services for IT Developers. Kubernetes based on VMware Tanzu technologies.


At the meeting we will consider two cost-effective scenarios for using the VMware license rental program for IT developers. We will talk about how to change the usual environment for Kubernetes without changing the usual tools for developers and infrastructure. Also we will have a live demo of the VMware solution for Kubernetes, will share the real-life examples of how to save and provide world-class services using the VMware Cloud.

You will get answers to the following questions:

  1. How to create a value-added product and optimize your costs
  2. How to optimize costs, not overpay for IT infrastructure and build effective billing
  3. How to become a service provider without its own infrastructure based on the Amazon cloud platform.

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