SoftServe opens R&D Incubator in Lviv

SoftServe launches R&D Incubator in Lviv

SoftServe launches R&D Incubator in Lviv. It’s a new intense tech program, that aims to foster collaboration between students and developers who will work on joint innovative projects.

The whole incubator course will last 3 months. During this time, apart from working on real cases side by side with the SoftServe's R&D mentors, the students will be provided with the opportunity to attend needs-tailored soft skills and tech trainings. Students will be awarded with 200$ scholarship per month. Based on the results achieved, the best students will be rewarded with bonus and offered a job at SoftServe.

R&D Incubator is launched to integrate students into developing of the cutting-edge tech solutions. We're expecting to enroll the active youth who will deliver value even in terms of short-term project and implement ideas that will be defining industry's future for the upcoming years.

- says Andriy Pereymybida, Director of SoftServe's Talent Acceleration Center.

SoftServe's R&D specialists will guide the students all the way through till the final stages. Research and development practices will be flavored with the series of consultations and workshops from the pros of all business directions: from BA and financial planning till global marketing and promotion. Participation in R&D Incubator is part-time, so students can blend it up with their studies.

As of now, a call has been brought to enroll two groups with 3-4 teammates. Together, they'll work on the following AI and VR projects:

  • AI-based project “Recognition of emotions during work meetings” will help to spot and categorize the emotions of meetings’ attendees.
  • “VR auto” project involving Magic Leap, MR glasses, will locate auto navigation within driver's sight drawing it back from mobile screens. The system will both, improve navigation and inform the driver of any risks on the road.

Applications could be submitted up till April, 25 through the link by the students enrolled in Bachelor’s or Master's studies.