SoftServe launched robotics laboratory for the students of Lviv National University

SoftServe launched robotics laboratory at Lviv National University

On December 26, the SoftServe-initiated robotics laboratory was launched at the Lviv National University named after Ivan Franko (LNU). Here, the students of Electronics and Computer Technologies Faculty will attend classes in robotics.

SoftServe's associates in cooperation with the faculty’s lecturer have already conducted optional classes in robotics since the start of the semester. Yet, from now on they will be held in the repaired premises with all the necessary equipment ranging from network enabling internet access and connection among thirteen computers to robots Turtebot 3 and the materials that are needed to work with them. Thanks to this equipment, the students will have the opportunity to test algorithms in simulation regime and train to manage real mobile platforms.

I'm extremely pleased to spot the recent qualitative transformations of IT-education in Lviv driven by the synergy of business and universities. Our company, as well as the entire industry, depends on the evolution of education. Thus, we foster the cooperation with the universities in order to keep the high levels of competitiveness of today's and future IT specialists

– asserts Taras Kytsmey, Co-Founder and the Board Member of SoftServe and the Head of the Supervisory Board of the LNU..

Today, robotics is developing at extreme pace: automated warehouses by Amazon, self-driving cars by Google, and the products of Boston Dynamics perfectly illustrate the potential of modern technologies. At the same time, the entry level for robotics has substantially decreased. It democratizes and becomes more affordable for integrating at the most of enterprises. Apart from that, robotics combines adjoining disciplines such as artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT). Here, in Ukraine, it enables us to grow talents, which are valued more than traditional programming of business applications. We realize that the launch of this extra curriculum class and all-in-one laboratory is the only opportunity that these students have to get the practical skills. Here, side by side with our associates, the students will dive into this exciting discipline that is changing the world

– comments Serhiy Haziyev, SVP of Technology at SoftServe Inc..

The robotics lab was placed here on purpose, having proficiency in electronics, these students are, the most prepared to absorb practice-based skills and competencies in robotics, which has assumed a further relevance and development in IT.

The launch of robotics lab is the next step in ongoing cooperation between the LNU and Softserve that has primarily aimed at the creation of environment favoring high-quality education and teamwork skills building. Remarkably, this is the collaboration which takes place in the industry that is on the edge of science and technology, and which benefits all.

- asserts Vitaliy Kucharskyy, VP for Scientific, Pedagogical Work and Informatization of LNU.

The students will collaborate in groups of 8-10 students. While working at the robotics lab, they will first reproduce the main algorithms enabling navigation of mobile robots, and then implement the advanced algorithms, such as the computer vision and speech analysis. On the launch day, the first group of students will present their first projects in robotics initiated during the extra curriculum classes run by SoftServe.