SoftServe R&D Incubator

SoftServe is announcing registration to a new R&D Incubator in Kharkiv

December 16, a 3-month SoftServe scholarship program for senior technical students will be started in Kharkiv. 

R&D Incubator is an intensive technical program designed to bring students and developers together to work on collaborative innovative projects. During this time, participants will work on real projects side by side with SoftServe mentors.

As for now, the registration is open for two groups, 3 participants in each group. Students and mentors will work together on projects such as Natural Language Processing for Healthcare and the Recruitment Analytical Platform.

  • The Natural Language Processing for Healthcare project aims to structure patient data and medical history, thereby saving time for faster patient diagnosis recognition.
  • The Recruitment Analytical Platform project aims to develop an analytical platform that will include a comprehensive understanding of candidate profiles in terms of technology, candidate's skills and job requirements.

Every team will have an individual training program. During studying in the SoftServe R&D incubator, the students will receive a scholarship - $ 200 per month. As a result of the program, the best students will be hired by the SoftServe company.

Applications for registration to the SoftServe R&D incubator are accepted until 2 December 2019. Please register and send the cover letter via the link.

Reference: In April 2019, SoftServe has launched a pilot R&D Incubator in Lviv. Eight students have been working on "Emotion Recognition at Workshops" projects based on artificial intelligence and "AR Auto" with Magic Leap MR glasses, designed to translate car navigation from a smartphone into the driver's field of view.