SoftServe became a technology partner of UNICEF Ukraine

SoftServe became a technology partner of UNICEF Ukraine

Recently, UNICEF Ukraine and SoftServe announced the extension of the strategic partnership for two consequent years. Under this agreement, SoftServe will act as an advisor and technology partner to UNICEF Ukraine. The parties agreed to share the goals of sustainable development for children and outlined opportunities for cooperation in software development and other activities to support UNICEF programs in Ukraine in the fields of education, health, child protection, social policy, communication for development, etc.

The strategic partnership between UNICEF Ukraine and SoftServe began in April last year. During this time, the parties managed to implement several initiatives, including an environment for collecting and analyzing data on COVID-19 pandemic statistics in Ukraine, creating a national Volunteer Platform. Joint work is underway for the development of a portal for reforming the school nutrition system in Ukraine, etc.

We observe that Ukrainian society is transforming rapidly with new demands calling for new solutions. That is why UNICEF is interested in expanding its cooperation with innovative partners like SoftServe that can offer their knowledge base and create technological solutions for nowadays’ challenges. Ensuring access to verified and time information is a key for our activities supporting children, parents, youth and communities. This helps us to hear their voices and allows them to make informed choices regarding their health, nutrition, education and future in general,

said Lotta Sylwander, UNICEF Representative in Ukraine.


We highly appreciate the opportunity to join UNICEF Ukraine projects, as they are aimed at systematically addressing various social issues in the field of child protection. We resonate with ideas, projects, joint work on them with colleagues from the UNICEF Ukraine office. But most importantly, we resonate with the goal of these initiatives, which are aligned with the mission of SoftServe — to enable talented people to change the world,

says Yaroslav Lyubinets, co-founder and head of the board of directors of SoftServe.

The new partnership agreement will be valid for two years. The partners are currently working on a web portal in support of the national nutrition reform in Ukrainian schools, an infant care app for young parents, and an evidence-based medicine website. In addition, this year SoftServe will also work on updating the national vaccination portal

Partnership projects are implemented both pro bono and on a volunteer basis. At the beginning of the year, SoftServe presented the corporate platform Open Tech, which helps to attract company volunteers to work on social projects in Ukraine, Bulgaria and Poland.

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