Smart Solutions launches a new office in Poland

Smart Solutions launches a new office in Poland

The company officially announced the opening of its office in Warsaw, Poland.

Smart Solutions has become the leading provider of HR and outsourcing services in Ukraine. The main goal of starting a business in Europe is to meet the growing demand for customer service and support.

The list of services will provide:

  • outsourcing;
  • outstaffing;
  • recruitment.

The opening of a new office in Warsaw is an important step for the development of the company, which allows access to more customers, offers better services, expands the scope of activities and launches new projects.

Smart Solutions is a leader HR -provider of outsourcing services in Ukraine and Central Asia. The company works with 500+ large clients from Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and Kyrgyzstan. The company provides experienced employees of any rank: from line personnel to senior management. Young, ambitious, well-trained professionals work with clients around the world.

The company has plans to expand in Europe and open new offices in the Czech Republic, Romania, and Germany.

The new office is located at Prusa 2 street, 00-493, Warsaw.