Sigma Software becomes a member of the Association

Sigma Software becomes a member of the Association "IT Ukraine"

Sigma Software is a Swedish-Ukrainian software development and IT consulting company. More than 1,100 specialists work in 19 regional offices of the company in ten countries.

Sigma Software provides services in IT consulting, integrated software development, product service support, develops its own solutions. The main areas of activity are: 

  • software development,
  • IT consulting,
  • software support and maintenance. 

The company develops high-quality solutions for its customers in the fields of telecommunications, advertising, aviation, automotive, gaming, finance and others. It also works with startups, food companies and enterprises. Sigma Software's R&D centers master trend technologies and areas, including Infotainment, virtual and augmented reality, blockchain, machine learning, Data Science, artificial intelligence, etc.

Sigma Software is a socially responsible company, and one of our main goals is to create a strong and stable environment for the development of the IT industry in Ukraine. For many years we have been working in this direction through dialogue with government officials, through cooperation with higher education institutions and improving IT education, through promoting Ukraine abroad as a country with a developed IT ecosystem and serious engineering expertise. Of course, such global tasks are difficult to accomplish on our own. With the help of relevant committees and associations, we combine our efforts with leading market players. For years, our company has been an active member of the IT committees of the European Business Association and the American Chamber of Commerce. As a part of these professional platforms, we work hard to help the IT industry grow. IT Ukraine exists for over 15 years, and we have certainly cooperated before and participated in many of their projects. Therefore, joining IT Ukraine was a logical step for us. By working with three major Ukrainian IT associations, we will be able to achieve more on our way to building a balanced IT ecosystem in Ukraine. Currently, all three professional platforms unite more than 100 IT companies of all sizes, which together make up more than 50% of the Ukrainian market,

— says Valery Krasovsky, CEO and Co-founder of Sigma Software.