Wargaming's Testimonial on participation in IT Ukraine

Sergii Shumigora

Sergii Shumigora

Executive Director, Wargaming

A Kyiv-based Wargaming Studio joined the IT Ukraine Association in 2015. As one of the first IT companies in Ukraine, we see the development of the industry and the role of communities in it.

Today, the IT Ukraine Association has become a powerful unifying platform for both service and product IT companies. Here, urgent industry issues are discussed and various market representatives, from young startups to industry giants, come to common denominators.

There is great potential in the Ukrainian IT industry, but there are also many issues that require the tireless work of all market players. The development of education, effective dialogue with the state and society, the synergy between members of the community - this is an incomplete list of areas in which the IT Ukraine Association is working. And we are glad to be a participant in this process.