ScrumDayUA 2021: online practice. Scrum, pandemic, remote work, and business

ScrumDayUA 2021: online practice. Scrum, pandemic, remote work, and business


The best Scrum Openspace in Ukraine supported by, now online.

Meetings, workshops, facilitations, and live communication with professionals from the Agile sphere about the future of the field in the context of a post-pandemic situation, changes due to remotes, and much more.


  • The headliner of the conference, Jürgen Appelo, will talk about the direction in which business flexibility is now developing, the value of scaling, Customer Experience, Employee Experience, and the unFIX model;
  • Alex Reizer and Kirill Sitnikov will tell how they managed to develop a real Scrum in an outsourcing company;
  • Bogdan Misyura will hold a workshop on the evaluation and upbringing of cultural tribes in the organization based on Tribal Leadership;
  • Oleksandra Burmenska will share her experience of remote work and tell how a project manager can survive in a constant "mañana";
  • Tawfiq Abdus Sattar from Bangladesh will hold a workshop to introduce participants to the Agile Leadership Journey;
  • Slava Moskalenko will show why collective decisions always win, through a game developed by NASA and adapted for online;
  • Bohdan Onyshchenko will hold a workshop on various methods of backlog decomposition;
  • Ivan Spresov, an expert from SAFe, will talk about the transformation in adaptive organizations;
  • Pia-Maria Thoren, the author of The Agile People Coach, will talk about the future roles of HRs and managers;
  • Stephen Walpers will highlight the 10 worst anti-Scrum patterns and tell you what to do with them;
  • Magdalena Firlit will hold a workshop that will allow at least a basic understanding of Evidence-Based Management;
  • Pete Behrens will explain why everyone can form a culture;
  • Yurii Koziy and Svitlana Tiugaeva will show how they managed to involve the organization in the transformation at the remote on the example of UkrSibBank;
  • Colleen Johnson will teach you how to successfully implement retrospectives and measure their outcomes.

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