Wirex: Feedback

Ruslan Kolodyazhnyi

Ruslan Kolodyazhnyi

Head of R&D/CTO Wirex

Fintech company Wirex joined the IT Ukraine Association community in 2020. During this difficult and transformative for our society time, we have been witnessing that the Association is one of the main driving forces for the development of the IT industry in Ukraine. The organization's platform promotes active cooperation and dialogue between business, the government and society in order to achieve the strategic goals of the Ukrainian IT market.

Currently, thanks to the fruitful cooperation with the management and participants of IT Ukraine, we have the opportunity to stand for the position of the IT community and work on improving the brand of our country on the international IT market.

We are planning to put a maximum effort for the Association's community to work on building the investment attractiveness of the Ukrainian IT industry and the mechanisms of investment encouragement, the development of industry expertise and partnership relations. And at the same time, on the creation of infrastructure that will help domestic product IT companies ensure sustainable development at the service companies’ level.

Only together, working in partnership and developing the professionalism of the community, will we be able to create conditions for the effective development of the IT industry in Ukraine, turning it into a strong technological player on the international arena.