Report’2021 on the state of the IT services market in Ukraine from Beetroot

Report’2021 on the state of the IT services market in Ukraine

Beetroot, a member of the IT Ukraine Association, has prepared a large-scale industry report “Ukraine: The Home of Great Devs. 2021 Tech Market Report”. This is a snapshot of the state of the IT market of Ukraine, which opens the benefits of outsourcing to our country for foreign customers.

In recent years, Ukraine has become a prominent player in the global IT services market. According to experts, today Ukraine demonstrates the growth rate of the IT services market at 20-25%. We already have more than 200,000 technicians to meet the growing global demand for software development and maintenance services.

The report offers a thorough analysis of the IT market and consists of four sections:

Market overview

It talks about cultural and geographical characteristics, the climate for doing IT business, the complex profile of the Ukrainian IT industry, as well as the analysis of IT communities and clusters.

Software Developer Salaries in Ukraine

This section provides an overview of the IT talent pool, the most common programming languages, an analysis of developer salaries in cities, job satisfaction and the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the labor market. 

Tech education

This section describes the development of STEM education, IT cluster curricula, private IT schools, and an overview of the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the quality of tech education.  

Opportunities of the technological market of Ukraine

It describes the growth trends of the Ukrainian IT services market, investment potential. We can see Ukraine's rating among countries in terms of ease of doing business, as well as its position in a number of other reputable ratings (Moody's, S&P Global Ratings, Fitch Ratings, etc.)

Download the full version of the report at the link. The report is currently only available in English.