Protection of industry interests

The Association is an effective and reliable tool for promoting and protecting the interests of the industry. Being the largest profile community, we, like no other, understand the IT-industry in Ukraine, its features and demands

Collective initiatives & individual cases

Every day our team of qualified experts is working diligently to create favorable conditions for the IT-industry in Ukraine. In our community, you can either initiate work on projects of a national scale or find support for solving business problems of your company.

We are convinced that it is collective work on common issues and an open partnership of market participants that makes the driving force for qualitative change.

Protection of industry interests

For over 14 years we represent the interests of participating companies and promote an effective dialogue of the IT industry with its key stakeholders

Association's Main Tools For Business Lobbying

  • Official letters and appealing to public authorities. Representing the interests of more than 60 leading players of the market, the Association is a voice listened to;
  • Meetings of profile committees. We collectively form the vectors of the Association for all priority areas of the industry, taking into account the interests of all participants and current needs of the industry;
  • Meetings with government officials. We create favorable conditions for the development of dialogue between business and government;
  • Active work with the media. We actively interact with media representatives to create a sound perception of the industry on a national level;
  • Meetings with international experts and foreign business. We are actively meeting with representatives of the international community in order to create a positive image of Ukraine and the domestic IT-industry in the international arena.

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