PRODUCT SPRING 2020: Product Strategies & Plans

PRODUCT SPRING 2020: Product Strategies & Plans


About the event:

This is a one-day conference on the topic of Product Strategies and Plans. Immerse yourself in theme from A to Z, without unnecesary distraction.

Some books say "create strategies, stick to them, and keep the focus". Others say "change and be agile". And the rest of them raise the idea, that strategies belong to big corporations and most companies don't need them at all. So, who should we trust?

Every product manager heard from owners, CEO, Development and Design teams one simple request: "We need a product strategy". But after starting to work on it, product managers get either a fanfare like "to change world for the best" or a number "10М users within 2 years". But neither of the results really comply with CEO's or team's requests.

If you dream to get a senior position in the product world, you just must know how creat and implement product strategies. Not sure if you do it right? Then forget about positions such as Senior Product Manager, CPO


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  • What is strategy? What goals does it help to achieve?
  • How should the startegy look like? What document /artifact has to describe it? How to write, update and review strategy. Different approaches to change it.
  • How to make plans based on strategy?
  • Examples when strategy helped and harmed in the organization's life-cycle
  • Does your product need a strategy?
  • Strategy metrics. Do we really need them?
  • Roadmaps: the best practices how to make them compelling and "alive"
  • How to describe everything in the roadmap? Why is it worth checking with it?
  • How to localize your strategy for new markets?
  • Should you share your strategy / roadmap with end users?

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