PRODUCT SPRING 2020: Product Frameworks Battle

PRODUCT SPRING 2020: Product Frameworks Battle


About the event:

The third Product Spring 2020 conference will focus on the features of working with product frameworks.

When a team has their own branded recipe for product management, it works systematically, quickly and efficiently. This means that its product is consistently improved and consolidates its position in the market. It is not easy to find this recipe, because what suits one may not work for others at all.

Properly chosen framework will help the team successfully launch or improve an existing product. A bad choice can only confuse all participants in the process and lead to wasted money, time and resources.

The Product Management Frameworks Battle Intense will help products find their own path to effective product management faster.


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  • How to choose a framework so that it does not disrupt your company?
  • Why are some teams rethinking popular frameworks and should you do it?
  • What is the difference between using frameworks in large companies and startups?
  • What should underpin your framework: gathering issues, analytics and ideas.
  • How to help a team solve complex problems with a well-chosen framework?
  • How to formulate hypotheses, prioritize market segments, and structure user data using frameworks?
  • How do I use frameworks to identify unused opportunities that have been left unaddressed?

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