PRODUCT SPRING 2020: Customer Retention

PRODUCT SPRING 2020: Customer Retention


About the event:

The second event of the Product Spring 2020 conference will be on Customer Retention. Immerse yourself in the theme from A to Z, without unnecessary distractions.

The concept of customer retention is familiar to all product teams. Customers who are happy with your products and feel important to the company are coming back to you again and again, so they keep paying you. Simple in words, but in practice, the art of customer retention requires customer data analytics, strategy development and testing, and company-wide processes.

What role does customer retention play for food companies?

  • Regular purchases from loyal customers = regular business revenue
  • Reducing marketing costs
  • Loyal customers are not inclined to react sharply to price increases and make the decision to buy your premium products or services easier.

That's why we decided to take a separate conference to look at the 360 ​​° customer retention theme.

There is no better way to tell just the complicated than to give a real-life example.


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  • We start the practice of customer retention. Customer retention at large companies and startups. Which customers should you keep? Identify all points of brand-client interactions and analyze the causes of customer loss.
  • Development and implementation of strategies. Analysis and tracking of user data. What strategies work and how do B2B and B2C companies differ? What are the metrics to measure results? What changes will your content marketing require? What's wrong with your support client communication? What practices can and should use your sales.
  • Customer retention as a source of product feedback. The right questions for returning customers. Generate new ideas based on feedback from loyal customers. Why brand evangelists are important and how to build your own community.

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