Pro Progressio Partnership Opportunity

Pro Progressio Partnership Opportunity

The IT Ukraine Association is proud to announce the signing of a Memorandum with  Pro Progressio - an organisation focused on the development of the Business Support Services (BSS) sector. 

The document states the formal partnership between the organisations and provides a list of opportunities for our members: events, exchange speakers, monthly podcast participation, articles, supporting network and much more. Among current ones are:

  • The BSS Tour - the series of events organised 2-4 times per year. Your company might provide speakers or purchase sponsorship packages.
  • FOCUS ON Business media - run over 12 years, portal has over 20k unique users per month. The magazine has just entered EMPIK press stores in Poland and is available in over 100 press points, besides regular distribution to over 1000 subscribers, Embassies, Chambers of commerce and Universities. Our members get a 25% discount for any advertising or publishing.
  • Pro Progressio Club - networks companies that are market leaders in this sector and its environment, runs professional industry media, publishes investment reports and organises business events. A 10% discount to join and use the CASPEN Business Pack is provided for our members (includes presence in the media, access to information, networking and one ticket to the annual Forum and Gala).

Additionally, you can join monthly podcasts summarising what is happening in the Ukrainian IT industry (the previous episodes are available here).

Follow our news to keep up to date and know all the latest news about our partnership!