"Preserving the intellectual potential of Ukraine through the Humancreed.com project" Online Webinar


In 2022, Ukraine lost 2.5 million children who went abroad looking for safety. More than 2 million Ukrainian children became internally displaced persons. Most of them lost access to education and extracurricular development. Ukraine risks losing thousands of future talents, winners and taxpayers - a real potential for the future growth of our country.

The Humancreed.com project team is creating an app that connects sponsors with displaced children to provide children with access to advanced education and development. Sponsors select children by studying their anonymous profiles and signing up to cover the beneficiary's monthly scholarship partly or in full.

Watch a short video about the project: Humancreed. Instructions for use

Teams of leading members of the Ukrainian IT community have already joined Humancreed: Yola.com, Wix.com, Avitar.legal, Clario.co and others.

During this online meeting, you will be able to hear about the story:

  • Mission and goals of the project firsthand - from Andriy Tagansky, Co-founder of Humancreed.
  • Tetyana Tkachuk, HR Manager Yola  and Yevgeny Saveliev, partner of Avitar.legal, as well as parents of the young mentees, will also share their experience of participating in the project.

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