Diia.City Legal Support showed a high interest for Diia.City

Diia.City Legal Support showed a high interest for Diia.City

On May 12, Diia.City Legal Support - a new service from IT Ukraine for Diia.City residents, candidate companies and those who are considering such an opportunity was presented online. The event gathered together Konstantin Vasyuk, IT Ukraine Executive Director, Kateryna Oliynyk, IT Ukraine Vice President for Legal Affairs, Arzinger, Partner, Yefrem Lashchuk, IT Ukraine Director of Political and Legal Affairs, and experts of the Association’s IT Law Committee Vitaliy Odzhykovskyy (Sayenko Kharenko), Maxim Lebedev (GOLAW), Larisa Antoshchuk (Asters).

The special guests of the event were Natalia Denikeieva, Head of the Diia.City project office, and Oleksii Dobronravov, leading legal expert of Diia.City.

During the presentation, the participants got acquainted with the functioning of the Diia.City Legal Support service, that provides expert assistance to companies - candidates for joining Diia.City, legal services for companies - residents of Diia.City, assistance in communicating with the Ministry of digitalization. Legal advisers of the project were presented as well. 

As part of the further discussion, the speakers and participants talked about the results of the first months of Diia.City work and the specific issues of acquiring residency, including in wartime. In particular, from the very beginning this project has been constantly evolving and acquiring new residents who have felt the benefits of participating in this legal and tax space. Even during the war, the number of residents is increasing and now estimates 225 companies.

We are proud of the Ukrainian IT industry. In these difficult times, companies and professionals work and fulfil contracts, create new jobs and pay taxes. The Ministry, in turn, creates all the conditions for companies to continue to grow. We are glad that IT Ukraine is ready to help to companies with joining Diia.City. The project office team is also open as possible to dialogue with our residents and the companies that plan to join,

resumed Natalia Denikeieva, Head of the Diia City project office.

According to our latest survey, 40% of respondent companies are interested in residency in Diia.City. This unique space opens up new opportunities for the format of cooperation of IT companies with specialists and external contractors. It is in the synergy of business and the state that we see a point of mutual growth. The service we offer will facilitate this bilateral interaction,

underlined Konstantyn Vasyuk, Executive Director of IT Ukraine.

The large number of participants - more than 120 representatives of companies and stakeholders- illustrated the importance and relevance of the topic.