Picth4Ukraine - improve your pitching skills

Picth4Ukraine - improve your pitching skills

Improve your pitching skills, raise the profile of your company and attract more clients – to contribute to the success of your business and that of Ukraine.

June 29-30, Annette Kramer, a recognized opinion leader in the US and Europe, jointly with the IT Ukraine Association will hold a workshop to support Ukrainian individuals looking to make a bigger impact when they speak to stakeholders. The workshop offers tools, insights and practice in Best Practices in a 3-5 minute pitch. Move from “delivering” information to starting conversations, listeners want to continue because business is based on relationship.  

To be eligible for attending the event you must be a citizen of Ukraine with good knowledge of English. 

There will be two workshops, depending on your level of experience. 

Dates and times:

If you’re a beginner: 29th of June, 12 PM  

If you’re advanced with developed skills and experience: 30th of June, 12:00 PM 

Duration - 2 hours.  

Participation is free, all you need is to register following the link.

After registration you will receive a letter with homework, you are asked to do this in advance. This way, this workshop will be a collaboration to adjust your story and speak like a leader for any audience, listener, and aim. We’ll be working toward building relationships with investors, not just delivering information. These skills are for life, and they are life skills for all contexts. 

Number of places is limited, preference is given to the IT Ukraine Association members. During the event you may be asked to join practical pitching session.