Prozorro.Sale: Feedback

Oleksiy Sobolev

Oleksiy Sobolev

CEO, Prozorro.Sale

As for most companies in the country, the War significantly changed development strategies and forced them to look for new ways and markets. Before the War in Prozorro.Sales, we planned to work on entering foreign markets in the perspective of the next three years. Today, we understand that we don't have this time, and we need to work on it now. We appreciate the informational support provided by the Association to its members, in particular in terms of coverage of news or events important for companies. In addition, IT Ukraine conducts training, workshops, webinars, and this is also an opportunity for our team to learn new things even during the War.

The War has destroyed many connections between people and companies. At the same time, 4 months of the War showed that we are all very similar in our problems and challenges. The experience of other companies that already solved the problems that, for example, one has just encountered, is very valuable. And the community of the Association gives the opportunity to exchange this experience.

In the new circumstances, the main thing is to sustain as much of team members as possible. Today we know that for 80% of our team the key point is the opportunity to work and they are grateful for it.

The War and the crisis are forcing us to look for partners, make new cooperations, strengthen collaboration. This will help jointly adapt to work in the conditions of War, and to look for new opportunities for resuming our own activities and the country recovery.