A new President and Vice-Presidents of the IT Ukraine Association were elected

A new President and Vice-Presidents of the IT Ukraine were elected

On December 16, The General Meeting of the "IT Ukraine" Association's members took place, at which they elected the new leadership, discussed the vectors of development for 2021 and summed up the work in 2020. Vitaliy Sedler, CEO and co-founder of the Ukrainian service company Intellias, became the newly elected President of the Association.

As the President of IT Ukraine, Vitaliy Sedler plans to strengthen international cooperation, promote systemic changes in IT education and actively attract new members to the Association.

Vitaliy Sedler, President of the IT Ukraine Association, CEO Intellias:

Ukraine's IT industry has come a long way. Today, more than 200,000 developers, several thousand IT companies and specialized communities are working here. I am very pleased to head the IT Ukraine Association, which is the largest association of software companies in Ukraine. For its part, it is ready to make every effort to develop the IT market and work with a wide range of partners to meet the challenges facing the industry. We have ambitious goals, which I am sure we will be able to achieve.

The event was held offline for keynote speakers and online for most participants. They elected the President and Vice-Presidents of the IT Ukraine Association by online voting. Vice-presidents of the Association "IT Ukraine" are:

  1. Vice President on Financial & Legal issues: Dmytro Ovcharenko, CEO, Alcor;
  2. Vice President on Educational issues: Maksym Pochebut, Head of Education Programs, EPAM Ukraine;
  3. Vice President on Small and Medium Business issues: Sam Shevach, Managing Director, SBTECH UA;
  4. Vice President on International cooperation: Natalia Mitrofanova, External Relations and Strategic Partnership Executive, Wirex.

According to the Statute of the IT Ukraine Association, the President is elected from the newly elected Council of Representatives. The Council of Representatives for 2021 has 13 participants representing the interests of companies of various sizes. Previous 2 terms, in 2019 and 2020 the President of the Association "IT Ukraine" was Taras Kytsmey - co-founder and Board Member of Directors of SoftServe.

The results of its work in 2020 and key projects were also presented at the General Meeting of the Association. The report can be found at the link: https://bit.ly/3nvBw1j.