Node.js workshop

Node.js workshop


You are invited to Node.js Workshop which will take place online on August 19, 2021. This time you’re going to talk about creating your own live-streaming protocol.

The workshop will be useful for all backend developers who want to systematize their knowledge and integrate online broadcasts into their applications.

On August 19 at 19:00 we will meet with expert who will share his experience:

Volodymyr Dombrovsky, Node.js developer at Yalantis. Vladimir has been creating predetermined systems on the Node.js platform for the sixth year. He is well-versed in working with real-time data, open web, and open-source.

Please, pay attention, the event will take place online, speaker will use Russian as the main language.

Workshop program:

  • How to use the principles of streaming video in your development
  • Tools and technologies for live broadcast protocol: Node.js, FFmpeg, node-flv
  • You are supposed to write your own live broadcast protocol, so that you will understand in practice how streaming video works